The Unisex Preppy Style Analysis of UNALLOYED The Korean Designer Brand

Korean Designer Brand

Taking ‘casual’, ‘unisex’ and ‘preppy style’ as the keynote, the Korea-based UNALLOYED focuses on presenting the free oversized style and high-quality, comfortable daywear items. With the brand slogan of ‘Wear a story.’, the brand tells unique stories about imagined characters in every collection. Many Korean idol groups and famous talents wear the products of UNALLOYED on TV programme and posters. ‘Celebrity’s sweater’ has been a brand signature. A/W 2021 collection, The Chess still took knitwear as the center. Basic versatile sweatshirt got rid of those unnecessary elements and regrouped the chessboard into fun logos to endow daywear items with individualized classic attitude.

Korean Designer Brand

Chess pieces are combined with dark clouds, logo and slogan in creative ways on front chest. Different from the common checkerboard design in the market, the innovative concept of UNALLOYED brings classic streetwear.

Korean Designer Brand

The design of UNALLOYED never follows the fashion trend, and its oversized tailoring is laid-back and unisex. Story-telling elements endow classic items with recognition and focus on the versatility to create comfortable, casual and free looks.

Korean Designer Brand

The popular sweaters of UNALLOYED have been worn by countless celebrities. Focusing on the casual, retro preppy style, the brand used warm saturated colors and mixed classic stripes, plaids with flora elements.

Korean Designer Brand

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