The European Little Floral Pattern Trend for Infants’ Wear

Infants' Wear

Lively little floral patterns are decorated on the dress and doll shirt of little babies in autumn and winter. Elegant French-style pastoral flowers, scattered casual flowers and Northern Europe patterns all make cotton-linen dresses cute and charming. These gentle floral patterns protect the babies and look forward to the next spring.

Infants' Wear

The ethnic patterns of Northern Europe nomads are rather suitable for the kidswear in autumn and winter. The geographical environment brought by high latitude presents high-quality background colors. Inspired by the ethnic patterns, designers apply the colorway of fallen leaves to collar, dress hem and cuff. The handmade embroidery on soft cotton-linen and fine corduroy fabrics feels wrapped and gentle.

Infants' Wear

Vintage colors and casual brushstrokes create the gentle texture of vintage floral patterns. Animal elements are layered with flowers and plants to increase the childishness and newness.

Infants' Wear

The silhouettes of flowers and sprays bring simple yet delicate pictures. Monochromatic flowers strengthen the casualness and express the artistic oriental aesthetics, which is suitable for infants’ dress.

Infants' Wear

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