Practical Details of The Craft Detail Trend for Women’s Leather Clothing


In this dematerialized world with unprecedented technological development, contemporary art has a growing influence on people’s life. Artistic inspiration is interrelated and relevant, whether in the installation art, visual design or increasingly developed clothing. For clothing expressions, clothing cutting and craft will present modern art forms.

Women's Leather Clothing

Cutout reveals the sexiness of women. Straight lines and symmetry exude the neat sexy charm. Exquisite detail of cutout design and changeable cutout silhouette display different charm.

Cutout women's leather coat

Knot and crinkle are always used by designers, and often seen on woven fabrics. This season the design is applied to soft leather. Knot highlights the waist, accentuating form and adding highlights to the simple style. It is mainly applied to the waist, neckline and chest.


Drawstring on the shoulder and collar mainly takes on raglan sleeves to create a 3D surface. The shoulder is more voluminous, enhancing comfort. This design enriches and decorates the clothing.

Crinkle on Collar

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