The Fabric Trend for Womenswear Accessories


In S/S 2021, the silhouette is changed and accessories like buttons also change along with the style. According to the collection of the latest information, the original metal flat buckle are widely applied to styles in S/S 2021. Resin buttons appear frequently every spring. But in S/S 2021, the most widely applied buttons are the cloth-wrapped button and the button with different materials, becoming an important trend for the young lady style.

fabric trend

ARETE, Marni and Chris by Christopher Bu apply more silver metal flat buckles to S/S 2021 styles. They arrange metal buckles in a line to the light-colored woven fabrics, displaying the exquisite decoration details.


The round resin button is a basic accessory. In S/S 2021, UNITED TOKYO and A.W.A.K.E. MODE arrange black resin buttons densely to highlight or create the partial deconstruction change.

Resin Buttons

Influenced by the artistic retro style, the cloth-wrapped button is the key trend in S/S 2021. And the point is wrapping the button with materials different from the clothing, such as Gul Hurgel and Hanane Hotait.

Artistic Cloth-wrapped Buttons

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