The Comprehensive Analysis of Menswear Designer Brands

Menswear Designer Brands

In S/S 2021, menswear designer brands present patterns in rich design techniques. The X-ray effect print and skeleton pattern are quite diversified with a strong street style. The artistic hand-painted effect print keeps the textural brushstrokes and uses rich colors. Realistic photo print and figure print keep original features of objects and figures.

menswear inspiration

In S/S 2021 many designer brands smartly use the X-ray effect to create a see-through visual effect.


Influenced by the pandemic, people have a fear of death. In S/S 2020, the horrible skeleton emerges in street style menswear. The horror aesthetics stimulates sensors and brings reflection.

Horrible Skeleton

Figures appear in each season. This season placement and facial expression of the figure are emphasized. Letter print or black-white print is stacked on the pattern, delivering a statement-making feeling.


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