Natural and Nostalgic of The Theme Color Trend for Women’s Underwear


As consumers spend more and more time online, they long for the comforts of life. This emotion can be reflected by natural style and retro color match, so natural and nostalgic tones return back. Offline shopping will draw more attention to trying-on and comfort, while the growth of online consumption will increase the attention to colors and styles. Thin straps can be added to promote consumers’ purchase desire and to be good-looking. With the integration of the global market, consumers demand for more transseasonal items, and the boundary between S/S and A/W colors is gradually blurred.

Women's Underwear

Colors of this theme seem to bring a contrasting vision, but the match of burning tones and warm tones will also occupy an important part in this season to cater to new femininity. Underwear in peachy keen always brings a sweet and romantic feel. The match with classic red is opening, and the combination with cardinal can better show the gloomy and enchanting theme.

Gloomy and Enchanting women's underwear

Peachy keen is pleasing and warm, quite girlish. It can be paired with red to bring an enchanting feel. It is mainly applied to gauze and textural fabrics. So dense embroidery can be used.

Peachy Keen color

Gauze can create a sexy transparent visual impact. Thin straps are combined with embroidery and lace to enrich the layered sense and diversification. Exquisite snakeskin renews the appearance of pyjamas to make it more feminine.


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