The Uglydolls and Little Monster Pattern Trend for Kidswear


Uglydolls and M&M’s dolls are popular all over the world. Through the analysis of images of the two groups, we can use as reference for kidswear. This kind of pattern blurs the boundary of head and body, with big eyes and a big moth. Thus rich colors and exaggerated facial expressions create a unique image popular globally.


Since its first image in 2001, Uglydolls has been popular in Instagram and Facebook, even without any story. Currently, there are 68 figures in the family of Uglydolls. And in 2019, it sets off an unparalleled boom in China with its animated film. People are curious and kind to these little monsters with simple look but big eyes.


In the 2D world, the mouth, eyes and eyebrows play an important role in facial expression, so the nose is weakened. This kind of pattern integrates facial outlines into clothing. The exaggerated facial expressions and colors create various likable images.

Face Without Outline

The plush monster is chubby and amiable. It may be a cat or a bat. But in kids’ world, it is a guardian. It can be applied to outerwear or loungewear.

Little Plush Monsters

M&M’s chocolates become one of the most recognizable candies in the world since its birth in 1941. These colorful chocolates attract adults and kids with the good taste, and incarnate as various lovely and fun things in daily life.

M&M's Chocolates

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