The Recreated Classic Art Thematic Fabric Trend for Menswear


In this chaotic age, mixed art has a great visual charm. When British designer Paul Smith added statement street to gentlemen, that meant the mix of classics and hybrid style had emerged in business menswear. Classic looks and mixed designs add a street edge to suits. What’s more, fabrics show the qualities of modern art. Bold, artistic and individual qualities are important for Recreated Classic Art. Classics needs to be awakened, but we will renew it in a modern way.


Modern art reshapes classic fabrics and styles. According to POP’s data about catwalks of Menswear, large-scale color blocking and interesting twisted impulse waves are applied to knits. Moreover, the vintage corduroy makes a comeback. Contrasting cables at the knitted panels and handicrafted stitches on denim exude an intense artistic quality. Modern art breaks the rulebook, and goes back to fashion.

The Analysis of Key Fabrics

Colorful geometric color blocks on Madras checked fabrics are now applied via splicing or printing to base fabrics such as twill jacket fabric, wools and urban leisure suit fabric. In this season, color blocks are enlarged, and geometric shapes are much clearer. Large-scale color blocks update men’s suits, overcoats, jackets, coats and trenchcoats. Super large patches collide with artistic geometric color blocks. The application of bold colors once again show the confident aesthetic of A/W men’s coats.

Color-Blocking Fabric

Artistic oversized color blocks are applied irregularly to utility canvas, twill cotton and refined wools, which adds an intense colored and artistic sentiment to men’s jackets, coats, overcoats and polo shirts. On catwalks during four fashion weeks, large color blocks on same or different materials, splicing and printing are the key directions for A/W fabrics.

Catwalk Looks and Recommended Styles

Exotic architectural art provides inspiration to heritage men’s cable knitted panels. The beam-column repetitive patterns and improved cables are teamed with wool yarns and cutouts. The classic, natural and simple qualities of knitted panels are kept, and complicated structures in architecture art are moved to knitted panels to update cable panels artistically.

Artistic Cable Knits

The rough cable knitted panels enrich men’s knitwear and knitted coats. Classic tough wools, wool yarns and lambswool fibre create classical and artistic heavy knits. The colliding of large color blocks, two kinds of colored yarns provide an artistic style to cable knits and a slightly stylish and artistic twist to cable knitwear.

Catwalk Looks and Recommended Styles 1

With the driving of digital revolution, the traditional classic business fabrics are renewed. The computer-like error images and modern flowed blurred numbers are combined to update classic suits and overcoats. The distorted impulse waves and modern blurred ikat effect are paired with classic business fabrics. Modern art once again updates classic men’s business fabrics.

Distorted Business FabricInspired by computer-like error images and the modern flowed blurred ikat effec, men’s suits and overcoats show the distorted 3D and blurred Prince of Wales, houndstooth, zigzags via melange yarns, wefts and distorted surface yarns. The A/W 20/21 men’s business fabrics are reshaped via art.

Recommended Distorted Business Fabrics

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