The Craft Trend for Women’s Knitwear (Crocheting)

Women's Knitwear

In the 19th century, crocheting gradually became popular in Britain, America and France. It was mainly used to repair broken lace, so that the crocheted pattern was mostly flat lace. Crocheting is exposed, elastic, compact, soft and flexible. Different crocheting stitch can create different elasticity. Crocheted cutout can well integrate with clothing. It is also applied to woven fabrics like denim. But crocheting is more compatible with machine woven pieces of knitwear. In S/S 2021, crocheting will abandon the stereotype of folk style. Plain colors, melange yarns and placement crocheting are adopted to make crocheted clothing more fashionable and daily.


Crocheting block is often seen and mainly expressed by bright-colored cutout lace. In S/S 2021, light and elegant solid colors will be chosen. And modern geometric feel is displayed in cutout pattern. Panels are compact, crisp and superior. Currently, the imported loom can also create a hand-crocheted effect, helpful to volume-produce.


Spliced strips are used flexibly, and can be applied to the clothing, waist, sleeves and cutting line to be paneled and spliced. Simple cutting is strongly architectural. Hand-crocheted cutout makes a contrast with other compact and soft parts, virtual and real.

Spliced Strips

Ringlike lace is mainly expressed by being magnified singly or all-over arrangement. All-over ringlike lace will integrate with wood beads and tape yarns, and display the exquisite hand-made art by virtue of heavy-duty techniques. And the singly magnified lace is put in the chest. And mostly, various colors are adopted to express the interlocking visual feel.

Ringlike Lace

With the development of industry and technology, glitter yarn is softer and cosier. The glitter knitwear has crocheted cutout in the yoke, adding a metal texture to the conventional handicraft. Although cutout in the yoke can be woven by machine, the crocheted cutout will be more exquisite and more textural.

Cutout in the Yoke

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