Trend of Fresh and Elegant Lace Embroidery for Womenswear

lace fabric fashion trend

Luxurious and romantic lace continues into A/W 2021. Embroidery patterns appear on base fabrics, and lace patterns feel three-dimensional and add depth. The sculptural cutout embroidery fabric is elegant; the mesh-base lace is feminine and seductive; the sheer-base lace feel vague and dreamy; the hole-burning cotton-base lace bring a rustic and natural feel.

lace fashion style

Cutout lace showing three-dimensional patterns is more lightweight and comfortable. The abstract motifs echo the romantic and artistic trend. The combinations of contrasting patterns emphasize the three-dimensional effect. Different fabrics are mixed to create a refined and elegant feel.

cutout lace style

The mesh-base lace is gentle to skin. The embroidery patterns with threads in different colors feel delicate, feminine and noble.

Mesh-Base lace style

The sheer-base lace is the key fabric emphasizing romance and elegance. The translucent base and subtle embroidery textures make it stand out. Different colors and embroidery patterns play a key role. It can be combined with other fabrics to add a dreamy feel to styling for A/W.

Sheer-Base fashion style

The hole-burning cotton lace makes a strong comeback. The rustic cotton shows a homespun feel. The cosy and natural feel echoes the slow-life theme. Burned holes in different sizes are arranged in different ways, bringing more offbeat patterns. Dresses and shirts are suitable for this kind of fabric.

Hole-Burning Cotton Base


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