The Comprehensive Analysis of Designer Brands Shirts

women's shirt

Designer brands shirts begin to abandon the complicated designs and pay attention to wearability and comfort. The classic streamlined silhouette is unfailingly appealing. The asymmetric shape combines conventional silhouettes and creative designs, and at the same time fresh elements are added to create funny and novel shirts.

women's shirt for 2020

The pleat is one of usual designs in clothing. In this season, the application of pleat is more diverse. The sportif element, two-way shirring, makes shirring more innovative and shirring in the back makes the shirt layered.

Pleat Application

Shirts begin to be produced by transparent fabrics like mesh lace or sheers, and that’s a trial of bold design. Appropriate skin revealing is specially sexy and there will be a different visual impact when it matches bright colored inner.

Sheer Tunic fashion shirt

The mock-layer design shows up in shirts in a brand-new appearance through more eye-catching elements like the color-blocking. So the ordinary shirts have stronger layering sense to be more innovative.

Mock-Layer Design

The asymmetric and misaligned hemline design fully presents modernity and meet consumers’ needs of personality. And irregular hemline strengthens the sense of layering.

Irregular Hemline fashion shirt

Super long straps at the neck make the shirt more ethereal. And straps begin to use different decorative patterns and colors as the splicing to enrich the entire design and make the collar shape relaxing and casual.

Strap Bow Tie Shirts

The rise of Chinese fashion brings a series of Chinese elements. The traditional Chinese buttonhole loop is integrated in the shirt design to inject Chinese grace to the plain and neat shirt.

Chinese Sentiments shirt




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