Popular Jackets in Menswear Markets


In August, the smart leisure jacket is still prominent, but sees a decrease. The business leisure style stays the same. Lettering and splicing are the key techniques. With the popularity of the vintage style, checked fabrics see a slight rise.

Data analysis


The smart and functional style dominates top 10, followed by the smart leisure style. Lettering and color blocking are key to exhibit street glamour.

Top 10

Multiple pockets are key for statement jackets. Contrasting splicing is also included. The dimensional large pockets are practical and decorative.

The Statement Jacket

The color-blocking jacket has a 1990s sentiment. The large-scale vintage color blocks are often seen, and the sporty jacket stands out.

The Color-Blocking Jacket

Simple styles and fashionable elements are seen in the windproof pullover jacket. Color blocks, camo prints, large letters add a street twist.

The Windproof Pullover Jacket

With the increasing popularity of functional style, the combo of lightweight fabrics and simple functional details creates the practical quality suitable for urban life and outdoor sports.

The Sporty Jacket

The active and functional details are key. The reflective tapes at GCDS and Heron Preston, Place’s reflective piping provide extra convenience for night activities. The metallic fabrics are also popular, and they can be used for linings or reversible garments. The spliced fabrics add fashion.

Details of jacket

Yatlas, a sub-brand of GXG, combines fashion, sports and stylish garments. A variety of technical fabrics blurs the boundaries between natural and artificial fabrics. Deconstruction and reshaping are employed.

Recommended Brands


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