Fabric Trend for Men’s Business Leisure Outerwear


For A/W 20/21, men’s business casual fabrics move toward shiny, cosy, updatedly classic and aesthetic qualities. Technical, functional and sustainable elements are applied into fabrics. The hi-lo method mixes technical funciton and heritage fabrics.

fashion menswear
Shiny lightweight and portable nylon emerges in men’s business leisure coats.

Prince of Wales, windowpane plaid and puppytooth are still key for A/W 20/21. The transparent and sheeny anti-UV coating updates classic knits with technical and protective functions.

check coat

Luxe wools in two-sided, interlayer and two-layer structures enhance the functions.

Two-sided Structural Fabrics

Vintage corduroy is revived. The shiny quality is teamed up the leisure and business style.


With the increasing popularity of comfort, wadding and quilting are updated to created the cosy and casual business quilted fabric.

Comfortable Wadding


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