The Fashion Trend Analysis of Boys’ Diverse Sweatshirts Benchmark Brands


For boys’ sweatshirts at, MQD, little MO&Co., Mini Peace and Balabala, scarlet, forest green, light yellow, jewelry blue are included.’s lime green is in line with the trend we predicted. For pattern, placement letters and all-over print are key. For A/W, collaborated patterns see a rise. For crafts, pockets, color blocking and placket front are still mainstream.

children's styles

Brands collaborated with well-known IP to attract more customers. From Mini peace and NASA to Marvel Heroes, we can see the transformation from space exploration to super heroes. The application of the Monkey King by Balabala and MQD shows the increasing popularity of Chinese traditional anime heroes. The success of Monkey King: Hero Is Back and Ne Zha means the Chinese Heroic themes are richer.


Placement embroidered letters are important in sweatshirts. Decorative letters at the front, cuff and neckline bring different feels. For statement-making styles, bright colored letters are individualistic.

boy style

All-over patterns are richer and more striking than placement ones. In this season, all-over letters, patterns and illustrations move in a more complicated direction. The artistic street feel is more intense by all-over crafts.


Influenced by the workwear style mentioned in Extraterrestrial Lanscape reports, front insert pocket and dimensional and functional pockets at MQD and GXG kids are seen in kidswear. The dimensional pockets are striking and functional.

Pockets children's style

The placket front style continues into this season, and it can be seen at MQD, Balabla and little MO&Co.. For this season, the number of placket front styles decreases. PVC and checked fabrics are paid more attention to, which works well for the statement-making styles for the transitional periods.

The Placket Front Sweatshirt

The regular stripe-like spliced styles see a decrease, while irregular, asymmetric ones see a rise. The combo of letters and illustrations at Balabala is eye-catching. Combinations of different crafts are striking.

color blocking fashion style


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