The Fabric Trend of Tapes for Diversity Menswear

fabric trend

Modern apparel is much richer. Tapes are applied to the proper sliced places or structural lines to add interest. Subtle and refined decorations, color combinations and splicing make changes to structures. Patched colors varying in brightness add a clearer layering effect. Tapes made of different materials and with a variety of colors and patterns, the contrast between fabrics and tapes add a striking structural visual.

fashion menswear style

With the popularity of the functional style, functional accessories play a more important role. The industrial and functional nylon tape is widely applied by designers. It can be seen on the functional items, shirts and suits. The clip enhances the functional feel. Contrast and tonal colors add interest and vibrancy.

The Functional Nylon Tape

Bold logos are often seen on tapes. Lots of street and smart casual brands apply the tapes on the sleeve and drawstring. The application of the logo jacquard plain tape at structural lines enhances the structural effect.

The Logo Jacquard Plain Tape

The placement colored knitted tapes are softer and more comfortable. It doesn’t easily fade or be drawn out, and the color is bright. These features add a premium effect. The attractive textures and contrast designs add interest.

The Colored Knitted Tape

Thom Browne’s colored tapes in red, white and blue are classic. The three-color tape adds depth, and it appears in every season. Spliced simple and intense colors offer a refreshing feel.

fashion menswear
The solid three-stripe tape is timeless. Adidas’s three stripes are well-known. This kind of tapes is applied to the side lines, front panel. The spaced lines add vibrancy. The contrasting colors add fashion.
fashion jacket.png


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