The Analysis of Hot Dresses in Womenswear Market

top dress

According to data of dresses in July and August, the total share of simple sophistication and juniors’ style reaches 74%. Linen&cotton holds 18%, while ruffles and gathering are used most. Florals are dominant.

women's popular style analysis data

TOP 10

In top 10, simple sophistication is dominant. The mid-length slouchy shape is popular. The gathering at the waist and nipped waist are the direction.

Top 10

Gathering is combined with metallic buttons and straps, and placement shirring is also applied.

Gathering&Accordion Pleats

Accordion pleats are prevalent. Stretch gathering and office suits are combined to interpret office femininity.


Knots play a key role, accentuating diversity. Ruffles are combined with the crossed wrapping design to bring a rustic and girly feel.


Different colors and materials at the left and right parts, plain and colored prints and contrasting sides are key. Light and deep colors, deconstructed closures and feminine nipped-in waist add a diverse effect.

Deconstructed Panels&Nipped Waist

The suspender dress is still hot. There are three suspender dresses in Top 10, and the mid-length stands out. Frills at the hem bring more possibilities. Wearability, slim waists and diverse dressing add interest.

The Suspender Dress&The Slim Waisted Dress

The natural landscape and outdoor ecological map is sprayed on the hem of the dress via digital printing.



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