The Silhouette Trend for Men’s Business Tee

fashion menswear trend style

Delicate and simple styling is favored by urban young men. The summery knitted tee is combined with fashion and business, fashion-forward and classic elements.

fashion trend style for men

The simple spirit is emphasized in the knitted tee. Sophisticated stitches create abstract textures adding depth. The irregularly spaced stitches and letter-form stitches add a leisure aesthetic to solid tees.

Subtle Pattern

CABaN and Iroquois use small cables and pointelle to create a sense of space. Cosy yarns add a airy quality.

Refined Textures

Checks are renewed via the combo of lines and planes, transforming and reconstructed letters. The all-over patterns with contrasting colors are eye-catching.

Check Evolution

In this season, color blocks are more emphasized. The asymmetric aesthetic at the side seams, the linking between the sleeve and shoulder and the square frame-like silhouette add interest.

Color Blocking shirt.png

Letters play a key role in men’s knitwear. Offset printing, machine embroidery and press printing, contrasting colors, mismatched arrangements and neat lines create the more fashionable style.

Recommended Techniques style.png


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