Year of the Rat — Pattern Trend for Menswear

fashion pattern trend

2020 is the year of the rat. As the first animal of Chinese zodiac, rat is smart, intelligent and vital. Chinese zodiac patterns are always hot at the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year. This report includes simple and playful rats, new year rats, illustration-style rats and personified rats.

Year of the Rat.jpg

Simply Drawn rats are suitable for minimalist brands. Print and embroidery are recommended. Ink painting-style patterns and new year motifs are fit for Chinese brands.

simple rat.jpg

Illustration-style patterns are hot and they are fit for fashion and designer brands. The bright palettes and interesting scenes show uniqueness.

Looks with Illustration-Style Rats.jpg

Simply hand-drawn rats are playful and add interest. They are fit for prints on the chest of minimalist looks, and the patterns can also be used for embroideries on the chest sides.


Chinese characters written with a brush, rats, paper cutting and ink painting-style patterns are of Chinese style and fit for Chinese brands. Print and embroidery are recommended.

New Year Rats & Ink and Paper Cutting.jpg

Illustration-style patterns are interesting and refreshing. Prints and sequins are recommended.

Illustration-Style Rats.jpg

Rats wearing clothes and sunglasses are fashionable. Print and embroidery are suitable. Sequins can be applied to bright parts.

Personified Rats.jpg


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