Stitch Trend for Men’s Knitwear

fashion trend

“Origin” explores the process from a strand of yarn to a piece of sweater. Stitch is key for knitwear. Stitch is accentuated for men’s business knitwear. Refined and intricate stitches make a breakthrough for A/W 20/21 men’s business knitwear.


Cables on menswear are more delicate than those on womenswear. The asymmetrical design in A/W 20/21 is impressive. Cables are often combined with basic stitches. The thicknesses of different knitting pieces should be matched. The combinations of cables and jacquard patterns are the new direction.

Renewed Cables.jpg

The raised textures accentuate placement designs on pockets, the chest and the middle of sleeves. The placement application of stitches play a key role for men’s business attire.

Emphasis on Placement.jpg

The combinations of different stitches are seemingly disorderly yet rhythmic. Different stitches make intricate textures. All-over stitches are still key for new seasons.

All-Over Art.jpg

Basic stitches are employed to form the dissecting effect. DIOR MEN used basic stitches to enrich looks. We amplify several basic stitches for reference.

Dissected Structure.jpg

The PRADA’s newest men’s knitted polo shows the creative and symmetrical design on the closure. Business stripes are also important. Textured stripes are the new direction.

Business Stripes.jpg

The subtle cutout textures are mainly applied to thin items in transitional seasons. Yarn-made knitting pieces are elastic, and stretch yarns can be applied to knitting pieces.

Intricacy and Subtlety.jpg

The combinations of stitches and patterns are highlighted. New stitch logos have been released by many big brands. Fendi’s all-over logo has an embossing effect. Emporio Armani’s mini logos are intricate and dimensional.

Stitch Graphics.jpg


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