Silhouette Trend of Men’s Puffa Jackets


Puffa Jackets are indispensable for A/W, and they are functional and fashionable. In this season, exaggerated silhouettes, kimono style, vest style and decorative zippers are novel. In addition to classic black and white, bright colors are also seen.

fashion jacket

Exaggerated silhouettes are nonchalant, directional, functional and creative. Igor Gulyaev’s loose grey puffa jacket with the neon green lining and neon tapes are novel and offbeat.

large silhouette.jpg

Large silhouettes are dominant for kimono-style puffa jackets whose cuffs are mainly open or closed. Inner layers are important for kimono-style puffa jackets. Jing Cheng Bai Xun’s pieced puffa jacket with metallic buttons are pared-back and chic.

Kimono Style.jpg

Zippers can be practical and decorative. The half-zip design is the most popular. VIBRATE’s loose and nipped-in silhouettes and windproof necks are trendy and functional.

Half-Zip Puffa Jackets.jpg

Unlike short puffa jackets, cropped puffa jackets can be worn over other items to add depth and fashion. MISTER GENTLE MAN’s cropped checked puffa jacket with tapes on the hem is worn over the tonal knitted piece.

Cropped Puffa Jackets.jpg

Vest-style puffa jackets are versatile. They can be worn inside or outside. Lightness and warmth are emphasized for vest-style puffa jackets. In addition to classic black and white, neon green is also seen. Tapes and metallic buckles are also widely used.

Vest-Style Puffa Jackets.jpg

Zippers play a key role. Zippers on sleeves and hems are practical and decorative. FFFFFFF’s long-line puffa jacket with zippers on sleeves are functional and unique.

Puffa Jackets with Decorative Zippers.jpg


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