46-year-old Spain’s most beautiful queen loves to wear Chinese style

Spanish queen Letizia

The 46-year-old Spanish queen Letizia is called the European royal fashion icon, and every time the appearance of the show will become the focus of the media. Yesterday, she wore a white dress to attend the ICRC activities. This white dress was unremarkable at first glance, and it seems that it is not a popular style. But there are some “cautions” ~ crane embroidery jumps on the chest, two sleeves “open” plum, the thick Chinese style with a white background is more elegant. In fact, this is not the first time for the queen who wears “Chinese style” clothes, and every time she appears in the “Chinese style” dress, it always makes people amazing.

details of grass crane skirt.jpg

Come to the details of “grass crane skirt”, the embroidery is very delicate, you can feel the texture through the screen.


This set of “blue and white porcelain” pattern black and white skirt was also completely held by the queen. The classic flower and bird embroidered pattern is matched with a circular traditional text design that is dignified and atmospheric, creating an elegant silhouette.


The Queen’s hairstyle was also braided who is full of girl’s breath and elegant. The loose hair is wrapped in the back of the head with the white space on the back and the delicate waist line. This back is also absolutely.


This embroidered dress is more close to the cheongsam style, but with a more modern sleeveless round neck design. The Queen and the Queen’s Mother-in-law both appeared in flower skirts, one is wearing a chiffon floral skirt and one is wearing embroidered gold slim skirt, which is pleasing to the eye.


The queen’s love for the Chinese style that can be traced back more than ten years ago. In 2004, she attended the event together with the prince’s husband Felipe VI as a prince. The peony embroidery shoulders and the silk red tuxedo skirt are the best dresses of the day.


This one-shoulder top perfectly complements the queen’s slim neck and beautiful clavicle.

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