The Urban Traveling & Commuting Episode Fashion Bloggers on Instagram


Fashion Blogger — Aimee Song
Aimee Song prefers the utility matching. The tonal looks are attractive. The combinations of unisex coats and femininity add depth. The waistline is emphasized, and the waistband creates a high-waist effect.

Aimee Song

Fashion Blogger — Linda Tol
Linda Tol, a fashion blogger in Amsterdam, was once a P.R. representative. The style of her outfits is mainly unisex and active.

Linda Tol.jpg

Fashion Blogger — Tine Andreaa
Norwegian fashion blogger Tine Andreaa prefers loose and cosy silhouettes. Tine Andreaa defines the unique and cosy urban traveling style.

Tine Andreaa

Waist-Length Jackets
Handsome and playful waist-length coats are eye-catching. Suit pants, jeans or dresses can all be matched with the waist-length coat.


Strong Shoulders
Shoulders are widened and heightened. The feminine quality is added into suits.

Strong Shoulders

Bloggers’ Outfits — British Style
Neutral colors feel elegant and pleasant. Tailored coats are paired with British newsboy caps, hand bags and loafers, which perfectly interprets the street British style.

British Style

Fashion style collocations for young women

Recommended Brand — URAGO
URAGO, a new South Korean designer brand, underpins the natural mathing and mainly designs cosy and romantic garments.


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