57-year-old Clooney appeared with his wife who is wearing forest green short skirt

Amal's green short dress

51-year-old George Clooney and 41-year-old lawyer Amal attended the film’s premiere on May 7 local time. They missed the grand Met Gala red carpet on May 6th. Although Clooney’s wife is not a person in the fashion circle, her fame is no worse than any Hollywood female star. Amal is rated as the most beautiful lawyer by the British media. Her feelings and figure do not mean losing female stars.

green short dress

Such a wisdom women, everyone will like her. And Clooney, who used to say that he is not married, when he met this glamorous woman with super high business and wanted to get married! After the marriage, they have a pair of babies, the perfect life winner! Amal’s body is also convincing. At the age of 41, she wore a dark green skirt with a slanted shoulder. The overall design of the skirt was pleated, but it felt crumpled, and this one came from the brand Oscar de la Renta. The price of the slanted shoulder skirt is also very high, equivalent to 56,000RMBN! And this brand is also Amel’s good girlfriend, Megan’s favorite! The eyes of a good girlfriend are very similar!

Amal's green short skirt

The Cluny couple made up the regret of not attending the Met Gala in this time, and this appearance is still sweet to us! Asymmetrical shoulder design, especially the small cloak on the left shoulder, retro breath! And such a short design can just highlight Amal’s long legs! The bowoutlines her slenderness. Amaler chose a big red lipstick on the day. She said that red and green can’t be seen, but this lawyer beauty is domineering!

Amal's green short skirt

In the daliy life, Amaler is very small woman in her husband’s side. Although they are 16 years old, they are always the role of Cluny. The older the more attractive, the more attractive from Clooney and his wife.

Amal's green short skirt

Clooney is wearing black suit on the day, the white shirt inside is more relaxed and casual, and the two are super love. Although they missed the Met Gala in 2019, but we can take a look at the amazing of Amal in last year!

Amal and her husbandAmal and her husband

Amal chose a flower skirt that looked like a big drag from the back, and looked at it from the front is a handsome pair of pants! The design of the tube top shows Amal’s backbone. This slender waistline shows both the domineering feeling and the feminine feeling. Amal’s clothes are also good. She is the template for many workplace MM dressing! Lawyers need to be well dressed in formal occasions, and Amale perfectly shows what is called a modern professional woman!

Amal's black mermaid dress

Amal’s red carpet style is almost not fault, such a black fishtail skirt, a layer of tulle is superimposed on the outside that is showing a mysterious feeling! The red lips are really suitable for Amal, the combination of black and red is always so bright!

Amal's one shoulder jumpsuits

Amaler put on trousers is full of gas filed, and people who find good shoulder lines always like to wear sloping shoulders. They are not as exaggerated as a word shoulder, but they have a very low profile to show their own posture! Amal’s clothes color and shoe color are very singular, this is one of the tips for wearing a high-level feeling!

Amal's short white dress with red appliques

Amal take advantage of the domineering route of the gas field, and put on such a fluffy skirt, the temperament has changed! The decoration of the flowers and the red lips are so matched, and at the side of Clooney, the star of this superstar was taken away by his wife! Silver high heels shine on the red carpet, Amal is very good in the field of lawyers, and she still has her own influence in the fashion field.

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