92-Year-Old British Queen Attended Worship Activities

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-standing queen in British history. And her taste for fashion is also applauded. Queen Elizabeth II in some way leads the development of fashion in British royal family. Under her influence, clothes in pure and bright colors are popular in British royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II

Although Queen Elizabeth II is already 92 years old, she still observes the traditional royal rules. On December 30, With the accompanying of relatives, British queen went to Sandringham church to attend worship activities. This time, Prince Philip didn’t show up, and one female took the place of him instead.

Queen Elizabeth II rose red style

Queen Elizabeth II rose red style 1

As always, Queen Elizabeth II wore a rose red overcoat and hat, which were eye-catching. The rose red over makes Queen look younger. The hat and other accessories are elaborate. The white flower stands out against the rose red hat.


Queen Elizabeth II is very careful for wearing makeup. This time is not an exception, either. The rose red lipstick makes Queen youthful and energetic.

Queen Elizabeth II

Looking from the side, we can see that the overcoat is simple and of British style. The two lines of buttons are stylish. The folds in the front could make body shape stand out, and that doesn’t affect the comfort.

1000 (2)

For British queen with that old age, the shoe style is very important because for every event she attends she needs to walk a lot. The comfortable low-heeled shoes are preferred.

1000 (3)

Low-heeled leather shoes are indispensable. Queen Elizabeth II loves this kind of leather shoes to match upper clothes. The shoes are not as elegant as high heels, but comfortable.

This time, Kate and Meghan were not invited. The eldest daughter of Prince Edward and Princess Anne accompanied Queen instead.

Louise Alice

Louise Alice is 15 years old. She is tall and with a slim body shape. To attend this event with Queen, she wore a wine red overcoat and black pantyhose. The stand-up collar is delicate, and make Louise youthful.

1000 (4)

Wearing high heels when in puberty is not proper, and the best option is low-heeled leather shoes. The delicate woven hairstyle is sweet and neat, which is suitable for Louise Alice.

Princess Anne

Princess Anne stood out in the crowd. A purple red wool overcoat and elaborate feathered hat are attention-grabbing. The bun and pearl earrings are noble and elegant.

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