Fashionable Badges

The young generation likes to be unique. In the middle of the 1960s, Hippie emerged. They pursued love and freedom. They often wore headbands, badges and walk in streets with flowers in hands. The embroidered badges gradually became stylish.

fashionable women and men

With the expansive influence of Hippies, the culture of Hippies went into the fashion industry in the 1970s. At that time, to be show their uniqueness, the young wore DIY badges.

DIY badges fashion

Embroidered badges or slogans in different arrangements express their unique attitudes. Then everyone’s clothes are distinctive. Badge is the symbol of Hippies culture.

clothing fashion

With the prevalence of Punk, those young men liked to use loud music and eccentric styles to express their disappointment to society, and call for love and peace.

Love and Peace style.jpg

Badge, rivet, leather coat and strange hair styles are classic elements in Punk. Fashionistas wear badges to express themselves.


Up to now, badges have become the classic in fashion industry. They are often seen on red carpets, at catwalks and during fashion weeks and in even some items of luxury brands.


In 2018 Oscar Red Carpet, many celebrities wore small badges to express their concerns to some social issues.

fashion stylefashion style

Fashion Week Street Snap

princess Kate

In the state banquet, Kate wore a yellow ribbon badge, which represents the loyal family.

Prada's bag

Prada’s badge handbag

Do you like to DIY a badge item? Badges on fashion items could make a strong statement about yourself.

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