Nine French Women’s Fashion Secrets

fashion style

Everyone knows a little about French fashion. For example, overly neat hairstyle is not recommended, and basic items matter the most. Then we can go further to check other elements to form French styles.

1. Regard Mom as a fashion icon

Classic styles are timeless. Pictures of Jeanne Damas’ mother show that almost 40 years ago, she was very fashionable. So you can infer that Jeanne Damas’s vintage inspiration most likely comes from her mom.

fashion style

Low temperature can’t stop French women showing their legs. They know how to take the advantage of skirts. For example, they like to wear a wool sweater, a pair of flat shoes and a mini skirt, which is sexy.

fashion style

2. Only wear high heels for walking

fashion women who wear high heels

Just check if Chanel has ever designed super high-heel styles, you can get to know the best shoes can be worn a day without feeling any pain .

3. Indispensable Suits


A wardrobe without suits inside is not complete for French women. Suit can be mixed with any item, unisex and mature.

4. Waistline

green coat

You don’t have to wear tight suits, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore waistline. French women often wear waistbands to show waistline.

5. Don’t be afraid to be sexy

sexy dress

Moderately sexy is charming. French women are not afraid to wear strap dress, or just not wear bra. And some parts are casually untidy. The prerequisite of fashion is confidence.

6. Find a fine coat

beige coat

French ladies like to pick up quality coats such as leather coats, pilot coats and trench coats. Simple jeans and T-shirts are all fitting.

7. A few accessories are enough

white shirt

If you want to show off new bags, shoes and hats, simplicity is the key. Never to be too complicated.

8. Resort style

white t-shirt

Puff sleeve top and printed dress also can only be worn in holidays? French women doesn’t think so. Following your heart is just fashion, and that also brings a resort mood.

9. As if it is your ordinary day

fashion lookbook

Although it costs you 3 hours to dress up, you should be acting as if it is your normal day.

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