The Key Color Trend for Woolen Fabric

Woolen Fabric

The Spring/Summer 2024 colors have been influenced by the trend towards natural and healthy living, making the healing power of colors particularly important, with a focus on low-saturation and medium-brightness colors. This report analyzes the color trends in woolen fabrics from the perspective of ready-to-wear, including coarse woolen fabrics, fine woolen fabrics, knitted woolen fabrics, and TR woolen-like fabrics. 

S/S 2024 Color Palette

The color trends of Spring/Summer 2024 woolen fabrics cater to the new trend of integrating environmental protection and technology in contemporary young business people’s personalized needs. The classic monos and earthy tones are enriched with the addition of the futuristic blues, creative yellows, and luxurious reds. Based on the features of woolen fabrics and the 2024 Spring/Summer color trends, the report focuses on the key colors of Diva Blue, Empire Yellow, and Cherry Tomato, and explores their application in different structures, production processes, and material combinations of woolen fabrics. 

Key Colors & Fabrics

Color Concept: The futuristic Diva Blue is a deep and mysterious color that exudes intelligence, composure, and calmness, conveying a sense of professionalism, reliability, and safety.

Key Color -- Diva Blue

Recommendation: Merino wool blended with viscose, tencel, lyocell, polyester and other fibers for fine-spun and coarse-spun fabrics; TR wool-like material mainly composed of viscose and polyester, combined with Modal or acetate.

Style & Texture: Worsted fabrics pursue delicate and subtle textures, while coarse fabrics can strengthen the texture by using fancy yarns or simulate the coarse effect by using worsted yarns.

Diva Blue -- Recommended Fabrics

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