The Textured Jacquard Fabric Analysis of Première Vision Exhibition

Première Vision Exhibition

The jacquard, embossing, and woven textures in S/S 2023 PV exhibition attract tactility and vision. Tactile texture has a relief effect; 3D jacquard pattern enriches the visual layers; colorful floral jacquard creates a mysterious garden; the uneven woven texture is worth touching; impressive fluorescent colors awaken the visual joy.

Première Vision Exhibition

The jacquard and embossed patterns on monochromatic fabric are vibrant and full. Geometric shapes make us think of the basket. 3D geometric embossing forms a relief effect. Fresh bright color will be the trend of new season. Monochromatic jacquard presents under-stated layers.

Première Vision Exhibition

Monochromatic and two-tone jacquard and distorted flowers are the highlights this season. Pale fabrics are joined by flower and leaves patterns in thick colors to accent the features. Tonal large flower pattern is also a new direction. Silk fabric presents jacquard with a deli-cate printed quality, while the fringed jacquard on chemical fiber fabrics is more fashionable.

The jacquard patterns of Mysterious Garden are applied widely on knits. The colorful printing on monochromatic knitted fabric shows textured florals. Scattered floral pattern and tonal jacquard will be the mainstream in S/S 2023. Try linear jacquard patterns on knitted mesh. Enriched floral patterns on fabric provide endless stories and imaginations. 

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