The Stitching Trend for Men’s Fine-gauged Cashmere Knitwear

Men's Knitwear

Cashmere fabric trend for men’s knitwear

Cashmere is always a high-quality natural material, which features environmental protection, air permeability and sweat absorption. Men’s knitwear often uses cashmere yarns to create a thick business style with strong textures. The exquisite and gentle stitching of fine-gauged cashmere endows people with natural warmth instead of the roughness of heavy-gauge. Pointelle and geometric purl stitching are the most common for fine-gauged cashmere, while moss stitch can bring the embossed effect with intense granular textures.

Men's Knitwear

Monochrome cashmere owns the most noble quality. Purl stitching is used on plain pieces to provide stripes and embossed textures.

Men's Knitwear

The direction of stitching forms rhombus with orderly and rhythmic textures. And cashmere yarns allow the patterns to be exquisite and high-quality.

Men's Knitwear

Pointelle is the most common skill of fine-gauged stitching, which is really stylish. All-over pointelle design may bring a breathable and comfortable visual effect. It is suitable for business leisure style.

Men's Knitwear

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