The Analysis of DIGAWEL The Menswear Designer Brand

DIGAWEL was founded by Kohei Nishimura in 2006. Compared with other Japanese brands, the low-key DIGAWEL hopes to abandon all the standards of clothing and create designs with brand identity.

This self-taught designer draws inspiration from music, film, book and current affairs just like most designers. Retro elements are integrated into the creating process to extend an undefinable aesthetic. From fresh and classic shirt to jacket item in unexpected colors, details and diverse tailoring endow daywear with a sense of couture and the high-quality craft of Japanese brands.

Delicate casual suit is also affected by the unique brands aesthetics and younger market. Maintaining the classic design skill, the brand also pays more attention to the consumption level and presents more novel designs. The generally comfortable and loose silhouette of suit item seems simple yet profound.

Knitwear has also become an important item in this season, which shows richer colors than other categories. Brand features are injected into the details, and the loose silhouette brings comfort and thermal performance as well. Consumers prefer the impact brought by mixed materials, and the blurred boundary between business dress and daywear presents the practical brand concept.

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