The Fabric Trend for Women’s Woolen Outerwear

Women's Woolen Outerwear

With the rising Feminism trend, the Jane European style is popular among female consumers. Casual and minimalist dressing becomes the mainstream of contemporary urban women. Therefore, overcoat becomes the key category of A/W markets. And the fabric requirement of comfort and quality is constantly improving. This report will introduce the fabric trend for A/W 22/23 womenswear through minimalist worsted woolen fabric, entry-luxury plush cashmere fabric and retro plaid fabric.

Women's Woolen Outerwear

Influenced by the minimalist life style, contemporary women are searching for the balance between indoor and outdoor, dignity and sexual appeal, individuality and inclusiveness. Delicate woolen fabric applies RWS certified or recyclable natural wool fibers to provide the exquisite and soft properties and gentle natural texture with classic luxury. Its is deeply loved by contemporary urban women.

Women's Woolen Outerwear

The exquisite, soft and smooth worsted woolen fabric is practical and suitable for multiple occasions. Minimalist styling, detail changes and delicate tailoring can present the casual yet exquisite fashion of urban women and create the practical and comfortable daily dressing. It is suitable for developing overcoat and outerwear.

Women's Woolen Outerwear

The entry-luxury plush cashmere fabric is woven by high-quality cashmere and wool. The exquisite napping craft interprets the luxurious, comfortable and skin-friendly tactility. Low-saturation neutral colors send out the classic mature temperament. As one of the core fabrics of A/W, its unique fabric effect and comfortable tactility bring relaxing and joyful experience. The fabric perfectly fits the wonderful life style of urban white-collar workers.

Women's Woolen Outerwear

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