The Analysis of ROMANCHIC The Womenswear Designer Brand

Womenswear Designer Brand

ROMANCHIC is looking for the real role of modern women. Avant-garde silhouette and diverse textural craft provide uniqueness. Romanticism is the underlined spirit of ROMANCHIC, which endows contemporary women with a simple, delicate and elegant image. Maintaining the girly elements, S/S 2021 collection boldly uses fairy lace, ruffle and chiffon. Dominated by black and white color tone, gorgeous pink, sapphire blue and bright brown are decorated to present the modern yet girly elegancy.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Shawl styling increases the elegant and retro temperament of dress. The combination with drawstring presents a visual effect of large bowknot and creates a minimalist and elegant fairy image.

Womenswear Designer Brand

The tiered dress hem of ROMANCHIC increases the loveliness through lightweight chiffon and soft gauze. The combination of sweet floral and tiered dress is fantastic and dreamy.

Womenswear Designer Brand

Black & white lace is spliced at the edges of waistline, neckline, cuff and hem to create a delicate and romantic look.

Womenswear Designer Brand

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