The Silhouette Trend for Kids’ Cool and New Trousers

Kids' Trousers

In A/W 21/22, trousers will be more flexible, versatile and creative. With changes of fashion and consumption ways, street fashion prevails because it helps to extend individuality and express attitude. It is a key trend to fuse cool designs with soft fabrics for comfortable street fashion trousers. Workwear trousers play a key role this season. Adjustable gathered-ankle trousers, tapered trousers and mock-layer designs are also irreplaceable in A/W 21/22.

Kids' Trousers

Contrasting colorways or dramatic patterns create asymmetric designs on trousers. Soft knitted fabrics and asymmetric prints bring more comfortable fashionable trousers. Color-blocked zippers, woven tapes and buckles deliver a funky dressing style.

Kids' Trousers

In A/W 21/22, kidswear give priority to comfort. Comfort-oriented sportif gathered-ankle knitted trousers will continue to the post-coronavirus era. Comfortable and chic items integrate with everyday items. Gathered-ankle design and color-blocked socks offer cool styling. Fluorescent cotton strings and strips inject novelty. Simple blocking designs are unique and funky.

Kids' Trousers

Workwear trousers are classic. In A/W 21/22, woven silhouettes will continue, and knitted workwear trousers are likely to ascend. 3D workwear pockets and adjustable buckles improve the value of workwear trousers.

Kids' Trousers

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