The Lace Soft Sentiments Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Fabric Trend for Womenswear

The garden under the sun is tranquil and colorful, concrete but with an impressionist touch. Paintings of the Belgian painter, Johan Messely, aim to create scenes in which subtle impression of light and shadow is the focus. Inspirations are drawn from paintings. Lace of S/S 2021 is mainly reflected by gorgeous colors and the combination of light and shadow. The lace rose seems to exude fragrance. Rich colorful embroidery, misty cutout chemical lace and the twinkling lace like baby’s breath bring a romantic experience to the splendid summer garden.

Lace Fabric Trend for Womenswear

Fine and soft lace fabric displays the comfort and beauty of the fabric through exquisite rose which is the necessary pattern for spring and summer. Spandex is added with chinlon and cotton to make the fabric more elastic and reduce the weight. So the fabric will be more like the boudoir lace, and becomes the focus of the new season.


Splicing rose lace with other materials is always favored by designers. The lace is boldly combined with leather and fur, creating an unexpected soft and entry luxury feel. Splicing in the neck and the hemline displays the female charm.

Recommended Applications

Colorful embroidery in S/S 2021 is mainly independent. Colorful lace shows a lively side and brings ample inspiration materials.

Impressionist Colorful Embroidery

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