Comprehensive of A/W 19/20 Catwalks for Colorful Sweatshirts


Colors in A/W 19/20 add charm to sweatshirts. Besides classic black, white and grey, tones of yellow, blue, red and Morandi are eye-catching. Different fabrics and creative details add more tones.

catwalk fashion style

Blazing yellow is key for A/W 19/20. The matching of tones of yellow is creative.

Color Trend

Magnetic blue is dominant in this season. Different fabrics, silhouettes and drawstring piecing are directional.

Magnetic Blue

Fiery Red is full of energy, which is widely used for sweatshirts. The impact and proportion are striking.

Fiery Red

Morandi colors are popular with designers. Low saturated mid-grey looks cosy and balanced, offering an elevated feel for sweatshirts.

Neutral Morandi

Different textured fabrics are used in sweatshirts: functional and sheeny fabric, reversible fabric, ultra-heavy knits, colorful printed fabrics.


Creative neck designs include overlaying neck silhouettes, high neck ruffles, zippers, front hoods, polo necks, pieced turndown collars and color-contrasting double necks.

New Necks.jpg

Color-contrasting piecing is key here. Color contrast in a large scale is directional, and asymmetry is more interesting. Piecing in a small scale is delicate.

Color Contrast Piecing

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