What is “Ya Bi”?

Ya Bi

Recently, Ya Bi was hot. This sub-culture favored by the young generation makes a strong statement. Ya Bi culture can be most felt in outfits and music.

Ya Bi Culture.jpg

Sub-culture includes steamy wave, punk, Sang, electronic music, Rapper and street. More young people are looking for unique things.

Ya Bi for Gen Z

Bajowoo is the director of 99% IS and stylist of GD. His offbeat outfits are eye-catching.


Wakaume, a Japanese fashion blogger, often posts his outfit photos on INS. His styles are diverse. Bold matching and deep tones attract lots of modern young people.


Tie-dye is a hot option. Dyed hair, tie-dyed tops, wide-leg pants, necklaces, bracelets and pant chains are shown. What’s more, AJ and Hoka One One are included as well.

Ya Bi Tie-Dye

The punk metallic accessories are indispensable. Exaggerated pant chains, necklaces, earrings and bracelets are key for sub culture.

Ya Bi Accessories


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