The Round-Up of INS Fashion Bloggers


Woung Sua, born in 2014, has participated in fashion campaigns for Levi’s and NIKE for many times. Woung Sua loves looks in brights.

Woung Sua

Leesihoo stood out in a crowd at the age of 5 in the Model Contest. In her INS, athleisure is dominant. T-shirts with large letter prints and loose jackets feel handsome and special.

Leesihoo fashion style.jpg

Sean Bohme is the model for MLB and ASK. In his INS, you can see athleisure sports sets, T-shirts and all-in-ones.

Sean Bohme

Kim Wonu wears layered tops with the waist bag and hair band, showing a youthful and sports look.

fashion trend style

6-year-old Lauren Cooper mainly posted pictures of simple and South Korean outfits. The neon colors are striking.

Lauren Cooper

KIN, a new designer brand, was founded in 2016. In this season, KIN’s theme is Voice. Popular and contrast colors show an interesting and sporty quality. The fisherman hat and transparent crossbody bag add depth.




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