INS Fashion Bloggers Sports Street Fashion


Moe Sommer is a German fashion blogger, who love slouchy sweatshirts. Besides black, white and grey, vibrant bright colors are key for casual and street fashion. Energy blue, neon green and orange red are fashionable.

Moe Sommer

Darion Benzo is from Los Angeles, U.S. His American causal style interprets unique street fashion. Sweatshirt is important for him. Bold colors and unique prints are what Darion Benzo likes. Camouflage work pants and denim jackets are also critical.

Darion Benzo

Asian fashion blogger Anthony Urbano is a columnist for Details. He prefers sports and leisure. Sweatshirts and bomber jackets are often seen on his street snaps. Although his skin is a little dark, he sometimes chooses bright blue and red. Black, white and grey can neutralize bright tones.

Anthony Urbano.jpg

Joel Mcloughlin, a fashion blogger in London, prefers dark style. In the latest street snaps, sports suits are often seen. Sports and dark styles are combined on sweatshirts and jackets.

Joel Mcloughlin

Pelayo Díaz is from Spain, and he graduated from Central Saint Martins, and once worked as design director for Davidelfin. Pelayo Diaz’s height is only 165cm, but it doesn’t matter. Sports jackets and check items are important. Neat styles and bright colors are combined. His fashion attitude let him be model. Pelayo Díaz started to write blogs in 2007, and he was even chosen by Time as one of the most influential bloggers and often invited to fashion shows.

Pelayo Díaz

Sweatshirts are indispensable for street snaps. Black and white are shown on slouchy black sweatshirt. Camouflage work pants are special. Sweatshirt in bold neon green can be matched with black sports sweatpants. Letters in some parts are attractive. Moreover, Waist bag and sneakers are also important.

Mixing and Matching of Sports Sweatshirts

Daniel Patrick is favored by Justin Biber, Kendall jenner and Kylie Jenner. The founder is Daniel Patrick. He once was a professional football player. Designers get inspiration from city and outdoor activities to combine fashion and sports style. In the new season, neon colors are employed.

Daniel Patrick

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