Lady Gaga Shocks the Met Gala With Mile-Long Gold Foil Lashes

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga not only served up four different costume changes on the 2019 Met Gala red carpet, from a pink gown with a 25-foot train to a crystal bra and panties, but sported a white platinum wig and a gilded set of lashes that stretched to outlandish proportions. The artificial, over-the-top metallic falsies were crafted by the pop singer’s longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno, who cut razor-sharp splices of gold leaf, sculpting them into voluminous, five-inch-long lashes that fanned out towards to the outer eyes to cat-eye effect.”Researching Susan Sontag’s ‘Notes on Camp,’ the love of ‘things-being-what-they-are-not’ really resonated with me, so I wanted her lashes to be extremely exaggerated,” says Tannon, who layered on Marc Jacob’s Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara for extra texture before fastening on the extreme falsies. Punctuated by thick black winged liner, a dotting of iridescent gems along the upper lash line, and crystal tear drops trickling below her gaze, Gaga’s flutter took the art of blinking to new heights.

To dream up the look, Tanno looked to her favorite beauty tome, “Backstage Dior,” by celebrated fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit. Honing in on the fantastical above the neck looks that came down the runway when designer John Galliano was at the helm of the French fashion house, it wasn’t just the fantastical fringe play that left Tanno inspired. In addition to creating a glowing canvas anchored by Marc Jacob’s first-ever skincare product, Youthquake Hydra-Full Retexturizing Gel Crème, and sculpted with generous swirls of pink blush on the cheeks, Tanno finished the look with a stamp of neon fuchsia lipstick on the mouth. And true to campy form with a fresh bullet at the ready, Gaga paused in the middle of her performative pink carpet appearance to touch up her lip. And that’s how you make an entrance.



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