The Analysis of Margaret Howell The Menswear Designer Brand

Menswear Designer Brand

Margaret Howell is a British namesake fashion brand, which is a representative of minimalist and low-key British fashion. Neutral colorless colors are paired with textured fabrics and detail processes to exude a thick British accent and high recognition. Although the design of Margaret Howell is always against the fashion trend, it has achieved remarkable success via designer’s constant pursuit of design concept, fabric selection and producing craft.

Menswear Designer Brand

This collection jumps out of the stereotype of Margaret Howell’s low-saturation system and uses geometric shapes and stripes. In the A/W 21/22 collection, Margaret Howell conveys many hints that are advisable. For example, scarf, belt and beret are paired with different shirts to improve the shape and break the depressive image. A harmonious and soft visual effect is revealed.

Menswear Designer Brand

The jacket design of this season almost applies zipped opening and takes brown and dark blue as the main color. These steady and calm colors are always correct in autumn and winter. The loose and fit silhouette is not too restrained nor sloppy.

Menswear Designer Brand

The comfortable shape of straight pants is a key silhouette in this season. Black, gray and brown colors are paired with suit jacket, knitted cardigan and crewneck sweater to present a generally casual feel. The creases at the middle seams can better beautify the body.

Menswear Designer Brand

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