The Silhouette Trend for Energetic Fashion Baseball Hat

Fashion Baseball Hat

A/W 22/23 baseball hat pays attention to the outdoor life and the pursuit of comfort and individuality. Soft-touch fabric, warm texture, color blocking and individualized details enliven the baseball hat and find a balance between functionality and styling.

Fashion Baseball Hat

A/W 22/23 color-blocking structure uses tonal colors, cloth patchwork, different textures & patterns, and embroidered logo to enrich the layers of baseball hat, which is individualized and free. A/W 22/23 baseball hat pays more attention to the practicality of outdoor and commuting. Weatherproof fabric is spliced with reflective materials to catch lights and improve the functionality.

Fashion Baseball Hat

The application of embroidery is more popular in A/W 22/23. Classic olive leaf pattern and letter embroidery is combined with golden yarn, bead embroidery, rhinestones and sequins to improve the sense of chic fashion.

Fashion Baseball Hat

Velvety texture is an important element of A/W 22/23, which perfectly fits the trend of comfort. Tactile materials echo the demand for visual and physical comfort. And the existence of epidemic further improves such requirements. Soft faux fur and velvety appearance select recycled PET fleece to show the sustainability and improve the product value. Orange and brown tones are used to create the premium look. Besides, all-over burn-out process is also an important design.

Fashion Baseball Hat

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