Swanky Youth The Theme Trend for SS 2022 Kidswear | POP Fashion

The swanky youth of new era are growing up in this global information explosion environment. And the cultural conflicts between East and West promote the development of various community cultures. They use the fearless attitude of extreme youth to present the classic charm of street culture. Art forms like graffiti, skateboarding and rap are just like their mother tongue and become the manifestos of self-expression. Swanky youth use their fashion fetish to demonstrate the endless possibilities of wild growing and break the gender border to create a new scene of gender fluidity. Jumping colors and strong contrasts are the best carriers to present their rebellious attitude. And the tonal color collocation presents a thick retro keynote. (Pantone a:17-1353TPG,b:17-5528TPG,c:15-1062TPG,d:11-0103TPG,e:18-4032TPG,f:17-1753TPG,g:19-1331TPG)

View more: https://www.popfashioninfo.com/details/report/t_report-id_9697-col_125/

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