The Comprehensive Analysis of Guangzhou Kidswear Details Markets

Children's fashion style

According to data analysis of ZHONG BA kidswear markets in Guangzhou, the turn-down collar, double-layered collar, placement gauze and 3D decorations are warmly welcomed by markets. Chinese style and Chanel style get more changeable and exquisite after several seasons.

Children's fashion style

Chanel style extends from adults’ wear to girls’ wear and gets more developed after seasons. It mainly covers outerwear and dresses. Classic tweed shape, metallic yarns and pearls are classical and exquisite. Popular gauze gives a romantic and ethereal feel.

Chanel Style

Chinese style features ceremonious New Year clothing and everyday cheongsam style. Retro buttonhole loops work as important details, with embroidery for a refined vibe. Fleece pairs with Chinese style embroidery to bring a comfortable tactility.

Chinese Style

Street fashion designs are mostly applied to sweatshirts. Individualized letters remain key elements to street fashion styles. Letters on the neckline and enlarged letters display individuality. Fluorescent colors contrast on placements to bring bold styles.

Street Fashion Letters

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