The Detail & Craft Trend for Women’s Suit

Women's Suit

Looking at representative and similarly-styled brands, for the Fall/Winter 2024 collections, the trend towards deconstructed tailoring with unique designs and a niche feel is leading the way in terms of suits. Especially for commonly used women’s design techniques, such as multiple layers and back cutouts, they bring a completely new visual effect to the suit, making it even more unique and fashionable. In addition, the use of heterogeneous splicing and rope ties is also very prominent in terms of finishing. These design techniques break away from the boring and unchanging collar design, increasing the fashion and design sense of the suit, and can better reflect personality and unique qualities.

Women's Suit

Design Highlight: Statement tailoring can reflect the designer’s intentions and level of crafts, enhancing the quality of the suit. Brands can highlight their design by iconic tailor skills.

Application: The statement tailoring of the suit can create a unique visual experience by finely carving out the shoulder, chest, waist, arms, and other parts, thereby enhancing the uniqueness and fashion of the suit.

Statement Tailoring

Design Highlight: The design of multiple layers can increase the layering and three-dimensionality of the suit, giving people a sense of transition between different depths and demonstrating a unique design aesthetic.

Application: Multi-layered suits can be designed according to different shapes, such as square, arc, or irregular shapes. The combination of different fabrics can also increase the layering of the suit.

Multiple Layers

Design Highlight: The unique back cutout has a sense of fashion and trendiness, which can make traditional suits stand out. This design showcases a creative taste and demonstrates fashion sense and visual impact.

Application: The back cutout of the suit is very flexible, and can be varied in shape and form, such as triangles, curves, and irregular geometric shapes, making the suit more visually appealing.

Back Cutouts

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