The Resortir of Thematic Trend for S/S 2024 Kidswear

Kidswear trend

Resortir is a new starting point for recovering. Walk out of the room, feel the growing grass, and breathe the fresh air of summer beach. Gardening, scented flowers, waves and the sunset complete a chic look of summer vacation. Enjoy the coziness with family and friends, and release the human nature of play.

Kidswear trend

Soft pastels and fresh natural tones exude a healing and retro vibe that shows the liveliness and vitality of summer.

Kidswear trend

Animals and plants show the vitality of natural world through a childlike touch. The allover printing of hand-painted animas and plants is suitable for dresses. The color transition of natural hues reveals the essence of nature.

Kidswear trend

The color palette of Resortir comes from children’s feeling about the nature during the holiday. Grass, flower, wave, sunset, etc., natural things offer the softest color combinations. The instinct of children is fused with the nature to bring a cozy summer.

Kidswear trend

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