The Womenswear Runway Analysis of Dion Lee

Womenswear Runway

Dion Lee is a beacon of sensual fashion. The Australian designer’s subversive silhouettes oftentimes offer their wearers a transformational alter-ego, one that’s particularly unlocked upon passing a bouncer’s ID check at the club entrance. For Fall 2023, this “second skin” is Lee’s blueprint. Base-layer silhouettes were deconstructed and battered, mimicking the process of shedding — or, more specifically, ecdysis. Hosiery was hand distressed and so was denim. 

Womenswear Runway

The ‘scale-eyeleting’ base layer is very attractive in this season. The expressions of snake skin, hardware, leather and drawstrings show wildness and sexiness.

Womenswear Runway

Nimbus Cloud feels a steady and mature touch; Windsurfer is joined by cutouts to rejuvenate the garments; Cabaret is quite striking and noble; Moonstone and Caviar present the sexy and cool images of urban women.

Womenswear Runway

Leather tube dress is recreated by metallic materials to highlight the wildness and sexiness of female. The body lines of knitwear are really alluring.

Womenswear Runway

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