The Silhouette Trend for Sportif Fashion Boys’ Jacket

Fashion Boys' Jacket

Jacket is one of the key items of boys in S/S 2024. This sportif-focusing report introduces chic baseball jackets, loose hooded jackets, color-block stand-collar jackets, pull-on half-open jacket; collared jacket and performance outdoor jackets.

Fashion Boys' Jacket

In S/S 2024, baseball jackets are updated by large letter embroideries and patches at chest. The eye-catching ribs at cuffs and necklines enliven the pieces. The mock layers of Diesel embrace the street fashion.

Fashion Boys' Jacket

Loose fits are combined with light materials to realize the effortless experience. The high-neck design protects the wearer from wind. Dazzling camous and eye-catching colorways endow basic hooded jackets with highlights.

Fashion Boys' Jacket

Stand-collar jacket is a clean and athletic silhouette. The sharp color contrasts catch eyeballs. Saturated tones and printed ribbons exude a retro vibe. Mixed materials improve the fashion level.

Fashion Boys' Jacket

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