The Old Money Aesthetic Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Old Money is an aesthetic based around a wealthy, classic style. Old Money refers to people who have inherited their wealth instead of working for it. Wearing and patterns in the style of Old Money are attracting consumers. Classic houndstooth, unisex tartan and Glen plaid explore the fashion design of Old Money Aesthetic.

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Old money aesthetic outfits are a combination of classic and preppy styles. The old money aesthetic is about wearing classic pieces in unique ways. It’s about pairing something very traditional, such as a blazer or delicately embroidered shirt with other more modern elements like denim or chunky sneaker-style shoes. 

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Old money aesthetic houndstooth opt for desaturated, retro palettes. Enlarged scales, thickness changes and overlapping display the sense of beauty and interpret a classic and elegant aesthetic.

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Low-profile tartan is the most classic and representative pattern for old money aesthetic. The unisex tartans are ideal for outerwear, shirts and overcoats with a British vibe.

Pattern Trend for Womenswear

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