The Detail & Craft Trend for Women’s & Men’s Thermalwear

Women's & Men's Thermalwear
Women's & Men's Thermalwear

Functional division is a new direction for thermal base layer. Seamless knitting is more skin-friendly and comfort. The positioning knitting skills in different positions create divisions with different temperature-control performance. The heat-releasing ribbed textures at armholes and waist sides satisfy the needs.

Women's & Men's Thermalwear

The tailoring of normal thermalwear will restrict the movement to some context. Some brands draw inspirations from human engineering theories and break the common structures. The stitches at joints develop fitting, beautiful and comfy thermalwear.

Women's & Men's Thermalwear

Jacquard stitches present colorful patterns on surface. Beyond the crossed jacquard patterns on thermalwear, we can also see textures with different thicknesses to improve the moisture-wicking and breathable functionality.

Women's & Men's Thermalwear

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