The Detail & Craft Trend for Kidswear Sweatshirt

Kidswear Sweatshirt

In this Fall/Winter, the development of kids’ sweatshirts welcomes a new round of fashion trend. This report will introduce you the refined details and crafts of sweatshirts.

Kidswear Sweatshirt

Pockets are presented on sweatshirts with a stronger 3D effect. The combination with cartoonish images is interesting; 3D bags with positioning prints and ribbons are more realistic. Front chest and hem are the recommended places.

Kidswear Sweatshirt

Sweet ruffle is welcoming in girlswear market. Beyond the use of self-fabric ruffles, designers also try gauze ruffles to highlight the lightness. The combination with hearts and flowers improves the delicacy and exudes a romantic mood.

Kidswear Sweatshirt

Bows, flowers and animals are the noteworthy 3D embellishments in this season. The combination with embroidery and prints mixes 3D effects with flat graphics.

Kidswear Sweatshirt

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